The Silent Boy

There was a boy, who said not much,
Kept to himself, not letting on as such.
Humble, Modest and intense,
With no room for pretence.

His friends called him the silent killer,
Unknowingly, he was everyone’s pillar.
Honesty was his form,
The silent boy, noble and warm.

What made him so great,
Was not his noble state.
It was the peaceful and loving spirit,
To which there was no limit.

He entered her life as an acquaintance,
Looked at her from a distance.
She did not realise when they became friends,
He was the very few she knew she could depend.

He made her laugh when she wanted to cry,
He made her blush when she wanted to sush.
With him, time flew by very fast,
And she was happy at last.



P.S: Image Credit – Hand Holding by elisadelatorre on deviantART