Letting Go…

An old house, a broken road,
Among the four, she was always alone.
She struggled, she fought, she learned it all.
As they plotted for her fall.

While she sweat and her family suffered,
There were many who sniggered and chuckled;
They made fun of her painful distress,
As she worked hard on the road to progress.

They went after her prized possessions,
Trying to ridicule her family with selfish obsessions.
She stood strong, blocking it all away,
As they watched shocked at their prey.

Then came success and splendour,
Beginning the waiting list of pretenders;
Though they knew that she had won,
They inflicted pain and hurt, one by one.

She forgave them for they were family,
Alas, they continued to cause her pain severely.
At last, she realized she could not bear the torture,
She broke all relations and vowed for no more.

Her life changed,
It changed for the better;
A tear, a smile and a lesson she learned,
And with respect & happiness, she was finally adorned.




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