The Silent Boy

There was a boy, who said not much, Kept to himself, not letting on as such. Humble, Modest and intense, With no room for pretence. His friends called him the silent killer, Unknowingly, he was everyone’s pillar. Honesty was his form, The silent boy, noble and warm. What made him so great, Was not his … More The Silent Boy


She wanted to be saved, from all the misery and all the pain. From all those tears that kept her awake, so much so that her body could not take. Sleep deprived, she craved for relief, hoping and praying against every belief. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks, as she tried to forget every moment … More Survival

Shattered Soul

When your heart aches, Your soul and spirit breaks. You lose hope, you lose everything, And every dream ceases to exist. Everything starts seeming like a black hole, There is no in and there is no out. You try, you look for help, But then there is no one to tell. You begin to doubt … More Shattered Soul

Why stories, and not just numbers, matter in research

Ms. A was doing a research on driverless cars and wanted her readers to understand the benefits associated with driverless cars. To do the same, she conducted a series of survey across the country to investigate about these cars. Once her ‘investigation’ was done, she deliberated on two options for presenting her study to her readers.  … More Why stories, and not just numbers, matter in research

Letting Go…

An old house, a broken road, Among the four, she was always alone. She struggled, she fought, she learned it all. As they plotted for her fall. While she sweat and her family suffered, There were many who sniggered and chuckled; They made fun of her painful distress, As she worked hard on the road … More Letting Go…